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06 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.7 RWD

Can a ABS Module cause the A/C compressor, fuel gauge, temp gauge, speedometer, and tachometer to periodically and intermittently stop working?


I would think that with the age of the vehicle, you may have a corroded connection on the back of the instrument cluster.

I you are handy, you may be able to pull the cluster out enough to unplug in and replug it back in.


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Thanks Yosemite, but I bought the vehicle new and it’s done this ever since it was new. Took it back to Suzuki 3 times and they weren’t able to fix it. Then gave the vehicle to my daughter, who has been driving it ever since and has just been dealing with the problem. I just got the vehicle back a couple weeks ago. If it can be fixed, I’ll keep it, but if not I’ll dump it, but don’t want to tie up a fortune in diagnostics.

Since you’reabout ready to sell the vehicle if you can’t fix it, if I had that problem I try disconnecting then reconnecting all the engine computer connectors. Right at the engine computer. There’s probably 3-4 multi-pin connectors involved. While apart look for signs of corrosion or burning on the pins and sockets too. If that didn’t fix it, do the same for all the under-dash connectors you can possibly reach. An o’scope analysis of the output of the alternator would be next, looking for voltage spikes that might confuse the engine computer.

Why would you ever think folks on the internet could fix a problem with a 12 year old vehicle you bought new that Suzuki couldn’t fix after 3 tries?? And you didn’t pursue it further with Suzuki? Why not?

You are way past the point of dumping this car. Just do it.

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Very constructive reply. You must have a lot of time on your hands.