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06 Subaru Clutch

2006 subaru impreza 2.5 non turbo . Would it be easier to pull the engine or transmission to repair the clutch ? Also , are the 06’s plagued with head gasket problems like a lot of earlier models & if I pull the engine should I go ahead & install new head gaskets ? TIA

The first words in the service manual are, Remove The Transmission.


Check at Subaru forums for specific advice, but it might be easier than actually dropping transmission, which involves removing the driveshaft and removing frontal CV shafts and all the fun with front strut assemblies.

From what I recall for my prior 2003 Outback with stick-shift, it was possible to:

  • remove engine radiator and fans
  • put some plywood protection between engine and A/C radiator
  • support engine and disconnect the back support, then shift it forward few inches
  • loosen support for the transmission and shift it backward

At that point, it is possible to remove the clutch and put a new one in.

I was considering doing when my clutch started to slip a little bit, but then Subaru had a buy-back event and gave me more trade-in than I could ever imagine to get on private party sale, so I traded and did not have that fun :slight_smile:

A local person that works on subaru’s a lot told me it’s easier to pull the engine . He is not a professional mechanic but has quite a bit of experience with subaru’s . I watched a video of the transmission being removed to access the clutch & unless the engine is a bear to remove I can believe it might be easier to go that route . If it’s one of the models with head gasket problems , pulling the engine would kill two birds with one stone . I don’t remember who but I was thinking someone on here was a subaru tech .

I don’t get it. You asked for advice and you received an answer from “Tester” quoting the Service Manual for this model. Seems you are waiting for an answer that YOU agree with.

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You’re right , you don’t get it .

There’s more than one way to do most any job requiring doing. The factory service manual procedure has been tested and known to work. That’s the upside to the FSM method. The others, you take on some risk of unanticipated consequences. Sometimes however going against the advice of the FSM works rather well. I no longer follow the FSM procedure for removing my Corolla’s starter motor like it suggests, from below, as my own method (actually I learned it on an internet forum) of removing it from the top is quite a bit easier.

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As someone who has done a lot of clutches on Subarus I generally pull the engine although there are exceptions; mostly with older models.

No matter which way you go with this I would strongly suggest that you replace the pilot bearing and engine rear main seal while it’s apart.

If you have concerns about the head gaskets, then with the engine out would be the time to do it; along with the timing belt if needed.

What you can do if the engine does not have a head gasket issue is to retighten the head bolts while the engine is out.
That will quite often prevent a head gasket problem or possibly stop any coolant or oil leak if it exists already.
Just my humble 2 cents to do with you as you please.


Thanks for the thoughtful & helpful responses . I planned to buy the complete kit which includes the flywheel , clutch disc , pressure plate , throwout bearing & pilot bearing & yes , anytime I have an engine out I replace the rear main seal & front seal in the transmission if it’s an automatic .

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