Problem with Nissan Sentra

At times my 2006 Sentra takes two or three cranks to get the engine started. It doesn’t happen all of the time - just every now and then. My Nissan dealer told me that I needed a new fuel pump and would cost around $350 - I’m not sure if this is something that needs to be fixed away or not.

And the dealer made this statement after performing a through check of the fuel pump’s performance?! I doubt it. If the fuel filter gets dirty, it can impede fuel; which would cause fuel flow and pressure to lessen. It requires more than a GUESSOMETER to tell if the fuel pressure/flow have lessened for any reason.

See what improvements happen after replacing the spark plugs, air filter. The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump in the fuel tank. The fuel pump has to be removed, to change the fuel filter in the fuel tank.

Seems to be a Nissan problem night on the forum.

A 2006 shouldn’t need a fuel pump unless you ran the tank dry and then attempted to restart right away. Mileage?

When was the last fuel filter change?

Two or three cranks isn’t a serious problem yet. Although a finely tuned engine should fire after a 1/2 crank.