06 Pontiac Torrent Check Engine light

Light came on. Then went off for a couple of days. Reappeared after filling gas tank. “We don’t need no steenking dealer test” mentality set in, bought a new gas cap. Light stayed off for several weeks. Now after latest refueling it has been on one full day, off part of the next day and reains on now. Oxygen sensor?

Lemme kno.

You need to have the codes read, otherwise we can’t begin to guess what it is. Take it to Autozone, have them do a free code reading, and post the code here. It should be P followed by four numbers (I.E. P1234). Post that code here and we can go from there.

Thanks. Will get to Auto Zone tomorrow.

Budd, what you want to bet the code turns up: PO440.

Isn’t this vehicle still under warranty? At least the powertrain warranty should still be in effect.

So depending on what codes are found when the OBD system is scanned by the auto parts store, you just might want to go to that “steenking” dealer–unless you relish the idea of paying for repairs that are covered by the warranty.

Codes are:
P0442, "small leak in evap emission control sys"
P0455, “large leak in evap emission control sys"
P0171, “”…fuel system for bank 1 was too lean”

My guess is that the first two have been addressed by new gas cap.

Third one indicates (according to Auto Zone printout) “fuel pressure or Mass Air Flow sensor” or “Oxygen sensor” or “ignition misfire” or “fuel injection problem”.

Have had no stutter or misfire that I can feel/sense.

As stated earlier, this has been an off and on issue for several weeks, and after changing cap had no issues for over a month (including a round trip from Ohio to NC). After a fill up this week, light was on all day Sunday, off part of Monday, and on since second trip on Monday.