Pontiac torrent engine light



someone talked about the code p0171, for the torrent, and they said that fuel system for bank 1 was to lean.it indicated fuel pressure, or mass airflow sencor,oxygen sencor,ingnition misfire,or fuel injection problem.that code came up for me but there was one day last week were the truck didn’t want to start for me, for at least 1 min i tried then finally it did. that was last week on the 28th of december, it never happened again the truck was already warmed up when it happened also. so does that mean that i have an ignition misfire problem, if so what can i do.


Your post is very confusing as it isn’t clear at all what you are asking about. Full sentences with things like periods help a lot.

Your check engine light came on, and you had the computer scanned and came up with the code P0171? Were the codes cleared? Did the CEL come back on? You can read some about it here: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0171

Then it sounds like you once had a warm restart problem?


How many miles are on it? You have a 5 year/100,000 mile drivetrain warranty and a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on everything else. I’d call this a drivetrain issue. Take it to the dealer and let them figure out what the problem is - on GM’s dime, not yours.