06 Mazda6 Brakes


I have a 2006 Mazda6 Wagon. After 12K miles, the rotors needed to be turned. After 27K miles, the rotors needed to be turned again. I’ve never had problems like this with a car before. Any ideas why?


It’s possible someone over-torqued the wheel stud nuts and warped the rotor.

Same person mounting the wheels back on?


[b]What were the brakes doing the first time you brought it in?



When braking from higher speeds (like when getting off the highway) my steering wheel would vibrate.

Same symptom the second time around.


maybe a little too much, zoom zoom zoom. I think the rotors needs need replaced. Turning them only makes then more vulnerable warping.
BTW, sharp looking wagon


Thanks. I’ll tell my wife to quit zoomin’ so much.


I’ll have to agree about the zoom zoom bit and this may be due to driving habits.
Sure you’re not talking about my wife? She only has 2 braking positions; fully on and fully off, and she gets mad at me when, as a passenger, I have to brace myself against the glove box when she stops.