'06 Jeep Liberty inner tie rod

I need to replace drivers inner tie rod end on a '06 Jeep Liberty. I called up a dealer and got $500 quote for a complete steering rack assembly, they don’t sell tie rods separately. Parts stores don’t have these tie rods as well - Liberty’s steering was redesigned in '06. Any suggestions are welcome - where else can I check? I tried some junk yards too.

I’ve seen this several times on some Jeep and Chrysler products with no idea why these common wear parts are not available.
There are a number of tie rods on eBay but they are shown to fit 2005 and earlier. Maybe you could email one of the sellers for some measurements to see if they’re the same.

Another possibility if worse comes to worst is this. The tie rod can be removed from the rack, the outer end removed, and have the tie rod placed in a press at the auto machine shop. A heavy steel tube fitted over the long shank and pressed against the ball socket can crush the socket down when pressure is applied.
This has the effect of tightening the joint up.

Is this a proper repair? No. But it will work and will work without endangering anything. Before reinstalling the boot pack some grease in there and it may get you by for a while.
Subarus were notorious for this problem and every time the tie rods wore on my Subarus I’d simply remove the tie rod and put it in the press for a few seconds and voila; instant snug. Hope some of that helps.

no rods by themselves on chevy cobalts either. don’t know why.

Ok4450, thanks for advice! That’s what I was looking for, sure it helps.
It will buy me some time before the replacement tie rod will be available.

Try Pirate 4x4 but put your flame proof longjohns on prior to posting. They are a rough but knowledgeable tribe.