06 g35x Infiniti Intelligent Key

Lost my smart key in the car, I believe. Can’t lock doors and can start the engine anytime. I think the transmitter went under the drivers seat and the thing I think happened is it went into one of two vents under the seat. What is this duct work and can I get under the carpet to fish the “key” out? Ugh. I wasn’t drunk!

If you could find a mechanic or engine rebuilder with one of those scopes they use to look inside engine cylinders, maybe they could run that into the vent and take a look.

The duct work provides heat to the rear seat passengers. You can either fish around with a bent wire (or similar) or take the duct work apart to look for the key.

Do you hear the key shifting around anywhere while you’re driving? Especially during hard acceleration, braking, or cornering? The duct work is plastic, and if the key is moving around you should be able to hear it.

Are you sure the key isn’t stuck between the seat and the console, or some other narrow spot where it’s hard to see?

I like the scope advice to fish around, thanks.
I tried to shake the ducts but not very much play and no, wasn’t able to hear anything on way to work this am.

I moved seat around quite a bit, front and back and got hand in as far as I could in between with console. It is tough. Will try again tonight. Good point, don’t know how it would slide underneath. It came out of my right side pants pocket.

Recline the seat back and make sure it’s not in between the cushion and the back.

I’m voting for the seat/console crevice, down near the seat track. Tough spot to reach.

I will check it tonight in better light and let you know.
Appreciate it.

It was in the crevice, inside the hardware that holds the seat back onto the seat. Couldn’t reach with fingers, needed a wire to “fish” it out. Only saw it from the reflection off of good spot light.

Glad to hear you retrieved the key. Thanks for posting back.