06 eclipse gs mods?

i hav a 06 eclipse gs and im wanting 2 put some money into moddifying it, is it worth it just being a 4 banger eclipse. an if so r there any turbo reccomendations?

Don’t bother. Simply sell your car and purchase the turbo version or V6 of car in its place. The most modded NA engine will never approach the power nor reliability of a stock turbo engine or V6. Also by the time you pay for all the mods it may match exceed the price of buying/selling into what you should have gotten in the first place.

The above statements are true if more power is what you mean by modifying.

quick google search popped up a couple forums that may be geared more towards moding your car

If you want a faster car, buy a faster car. You will waste an enormous amount of money trying to modify this car, and you might end up with something that won’t pass the local emissions/smog test. In the long run it’s much less expensive to buy a more powerful vehicle than to try to modify one to be faster or more powerful.

If you want power and/or speed, buy it. Don’t think you can create it yourself. You’ll just end up wasting your money. Lots of it. Don’t do it.