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05 toyota camry

I have a 05 Toyota Camry and I have a problem that no one can seem to figure out. Including the dealership! The car drives fine sometimes, then as you drive the transmissions seems to be slipping. It will not shift out of 1st gear, and if it it does it jumps into netural…no power. Then if you go slow down it will catch again and start to go, then it does it again. If you stop the car and wait a minute of 2 it will start to drive OK again, then starts all over again. Nothing is showing up on the dianostic check I guess because its not doing that when they are checking. The dealership keeps calling me back saying that can’t find any thing wrong. It does not drive like that when they have it. Has anybody had this problem, please help, the dealership has said once that the transmission was shot, then changed their mind and said something about the sensor and “limp Mode” but no one can figure it out, and they just keep giving me my car back…can anyone help me?

I had a similar problem with my 93 Honda Accord. It’s probably the automatic transmission control box. In the accord, it was under the front passenger floor. The mechanic replaced that and it was fine afterward. I hope this help.

Thank you for your response! I will pass that along to the dealership!