05 Pontiac vibe blower motor

I recently got another blower motor for my vibe. Got it installed but nothing happened. I replaced the resistor as well. Once I found the secret hidden fuse panel I found that the 40a fuse was blown. I replaced it and it blew instantly upon turning the ignition on, the resistor was unplugged at the time. I am wondering if there could be a short in the wire harness.

The blower went bad a while ago and blew a resistor, I replaced it and it ran for a while until some smoke came out of the dash and then nothing.

Sure sounds like a short in the dash of the power wire to the blower control switch. Look around under the dash with a flashlight for a charred wire, especially around the pedals.

If the fan switch is on ‘high’, the resistor pack is bypassed. It may not need to be plugged in.