05 Pontiac g6 won't charge

05 Pontiac g6 wouldn’t crank. Starter tested bad and I replaced it. It fired right up no problem then 5 minutes into driving the battery light came on and the alternator is no longer charging it. Battery alternator and starter all test fine. This happened right after the starter was fixed. Any ideas?

I guess I’d check all the connections to make sure they were clean and check for any broken wires, fuse blown etc. It’s usually best to re-check anything you might have touched putting the starter in. I once swapped alternators and a couple days later the battery was dead in the parking lot at ten below. I replaced the battery in the cold, then discovered I had forgotten to plug the alternator in.

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The cable from the alternator is attached to the B + stud on the starter, you may have left that cable off when installing the starter.

Actually turns out the cables were on wrong on the starter. They needed to be switched

Who put the cables back on wrong ?

Friend did. I have giant hands and it was very tough to get into the starter area and get the wires off. Wasn’t a shop that did it.

Correction, cables were on right but corroded into the wiring.