Mini Questions

I am thinking about purchasing a 2007 Mini Cooper. It is the basic model with 77,000 miles and appears to be very clean. I have heard many mixed reviews on the car. I am interested in getting some insight into what I should be aware of in regards to service issues, maintenance costs, handling in winter weather, and any other information that would help me in making my decision. Other than being a fun car, I need to have reliable and economical transportation.

I’d avoid older Minis, lots of engine and other problems. I’d take that money and buy a newer GTI. Still some issues, but better.

I agree with texases. These Minis are a lot of fun to drive and they get decent gas mileage, but reliability was never one of their strengths when they were new. After 7 years, this one surely hasn’t become more reliable.

And, when you consider that it is made by BMW, the maintenance and repairs carry a BMW-level price, thus making upkeep…not exactly cheap.

numbers say it is not reliable. you test drive it and it has zero issues. you buy it. does that mean you will have 1 problem this week? or 3 next week? any used car is a crap shoot. all mechanical parts fail. on any car.

Definitely get a mechanic to inspect it before you buy.

Thanks for the great advice. I have decided against the “fun” factor for a more practical solution.

Besides the usual problems you would expect, Mini’s of that vintage had serious problems with the CVT transmissions and timing chains. For example, if you Google “mini cooper timing chain”, you can read all about it.

I would pass on this car.

Good call. Mini has horrible reliability ratings. Before you buy a car sign up online for You can pay for one month and cancel. This will give you the long term reliability ratings on the vehicle and its weak points. Then pay for an inspection of the car before buying. It will be the best $100 you ever spent!