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05 matrix engine swap

I’m looking to put a used engine in my matrix. I need to know what other toyota car I can get this engine from?? Thank you in advance

The Matrix is a Corolla station wagon. In 2005, both used a 1.8L engine, and you should be able to use that.

Salvage yards that sell used motors will have the exact information as to what fits. This is one of those things where you need to talk to whoever you are buying from.

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If you live in a large metro area you might check the auto repair reference section at the local library.

See if they have a Hollander Interchange manual. Those will lay out exactly what fits what and it’s the same interchange that many salvage yards use.

Pontiac Vibe also.

Thanks OK4450. I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name of that reference. I wonder, however, if they still print hard copies. Boneyards are all on the 'net.

Wrecking / recycle yards are the authority on interchanges.
Even when I know a few of my acceptable interchanges . . I always ASK , not tell, them to provide the availability of alternate choices, even if we have to change a manifold, harness, or bracket here and there .

    • IF - -
      Buying from a yard . .DO buy their warranty. ( the LKQ used warranties are 6 months no labor or one year with labor ) After all it’s a used engine . .just how used is it ?

@thesamemountainbike, Yes, Hollander still publishes manuals but it would be prohibitively expensive for a DIYer to buy all of those publications.

Same for their electronic subscription. It’s pricy to buy and pricy to renew each year.

Thanks, my friend. Yeah, I forgot about cost. :grin: