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Interchangeable motors

what other car can a 03 vibe motor fit?

The powertrain is the same as a Toyota Corolla…

The Vibe was the same as the Toyota Matrix. The Prism was the same as the Corolla. I don’t know if the Matrix and the Corolla used the same drivetrain.

It’s also a somewhat hard question to answer because unless someone here is deeply into Vibes/Matrixes (matrices?) they won’t know what kits are available. For example, the 2nd gen CRX’s engine bay does not, from the factory, accept a B-18 from an Integra, but there’s an aftermarket engine mount kit you can get that makes the engine drop right in.

Another '03 Vibe, or an '03 Toyota Matrix (same car, different branding). Anything else is a guess.