05 highlander time belt

Got a 2005 highlander with 96k on it…im 2nd owner.car in excellent condition…anyway how difficult would it be to change timebelt and water pump…Id say im an average shade tree mechanic…but dont want to jackup a perfectly good car…any input is greatly appreciated!.

I did it on my 1999 Civic at 180,000 miles. It’s about the most complex single job I’ve done in my DIY decades. Took the better part of 2 days. The overnight helped the PB Blaster loosen the bolt that holds the alternator. A fair amount of tool acquisition beforehand and improvising during was needed. Very involving and ultimately gratifying. Read up in Haynes and watch some YouTube videos (with caution - lots of bad practices are to be seen) and think it over before you delve into it.

4 cylinder or V6 engine?


3.3 liter v6 interference…kinda spooky since ive never done 1 before…and all the timing stuff…but would save a bucket o money.

If this were a 4 cylinder engine I’d say go for it!

You only have the crankshaft and one cam sprocket to keep aligned. And for some that’s a difficult task. But you’re talking about an interference V6 engine.

And this is not the engine you want to attempt your first timing belt replacement on.

Also, do you have the proper tools to remove all the components at the front of the engine to even get at the timing belt?


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It can be frustrating, love how my car takes one part out of time when you put tension on the belt, then you have to pull the belt and start again.

Pay to get this done. Not at all simple, with bad consequences if you mess up.


Have it done by a professional. It’s easy to make a mistake with this job.