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05 5-speed 2.4 swap to 3.1 cavalier

How involved might an engine swap on a manual transmission, 05 cavalier, starting with the 2.4L and upgrading to the 3.1L optional engine?
Is the 3.1 for automatic?

Knowing nearly nothing about it… I’d say it won’t be easy.

Do you have a lot of time and money on your hands?

And I hope you wouldn’t want to try and recoup your money. A 2005 Cavalier isn’t going to be worth much to anyone.

Sorry to be a negative nancy. Good luck to you.

In addition to what ledhed stated, I will add that this engine swap will only work if the OP also installs the ECM for the 3.1 engine.

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Person did not say why they want to change engine. But if looking for more power don’t waste money, just change vehicles.

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Even with the easiest engine swap, the general rule of thumb is, if you have to ask how hard it is, it’s too hard.

If you do it, make sure you have help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

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2005 Cavaliers were not offered with a V6 engine, so a direct swap from a donor vehicle with the required wiring, controls, etc. isn’t even an option. Even if you do transplant one in there, you’ll have to change the front suspension to hold up the added weight from the bigger, heavier engine.


The 3.1L engine was replaced by the 2.4L in the last Cavalier generation. The power is similar for both engines. You would get more power if you can find the optional Easton supercharger that GM offered for the 2.4L engine.

That’s what I’m seeing too. The only engine available for '05 in the Cav was a 4 cylinder 2.2L VIN F, not a 2.4 L. Seems to be the case for the 03 and 04 Cav too, the 2.2L is all they offered. I don’t see mention of a Cav even offered in 2006. Maybe they brought it back later.

It still might be possible OP to do what you want, but you’ll need to ask someone who’s either done it or tried to do it, someone in the know in other words. One idea, there’s a magazine titled Chevy Performance, something like that. Pick up a copy (my Barnes and Nobel carries it) and phone some of the pertinent advertisers, maybe they’ll be able to steer you to somebody who knows.

The last year the 3.1 was offered in the Caviler was 1994. The 2005 was 2.2 only. Did you make a typo on the year?

The 05 Cavalier was never offered with a V6. Also the 5 speed manual that came in the 05 Caviler ( Getrag F23) has a pretty low torque capacity, it would be marginal with the V6. The V6 was offered with a manual (Getrag 282) but your current 2.4L has just as much (if not more HP), and gives up about 30 lb/ft of torque. Given the extra weight of the V6, even if you spent the money and had custom mounts made, and did all the necessary fabrication. The car would offer pretty much the same performance you have now. Basically you would be spending thousands of dollars to get the same driving experience, the same money could easily buy you an early 1990’s Z24 Caviler with the V6. I don’t think this is a worthwhile endeavor. You can get a turbo for the 2.4L if you want more power, but the transmission probably won’t hold up.

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