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'04 RAV4 tire pressure monitor

My tire pressure icon keeps lighting up. This older monitor uses the ABS speed sensors, not pressure sensors in the tire valves. The tires all read 35 +/-2 psi.

Could this false positive be due to the fact that the front tires are new and the rear ones are worn (but safe and legal)?

Could the diameters of the rear tires be enough smaller to fool the system?

This RAV4 is front wheel drive only.

Yes. The ABS-based monitoring system will indicate low pressure if the wheels are rotating at slightly different speeds.

Yes. Read your owner’s manual. It will tell you that the system has toe be re-initialized after getting new tires, or even after rotating tires.

NOTE: You’ll need to re-initialize it, which is different from simply resetting it. Be sure you have the right paragraph.

Thanks, I appreciate the advice. Unless someone can walk me through the re-inializing procedure, I’ll have to buy a service manual. The old one went missing.


It’s a great place for inexpensive used manuals.

Try your owner’s manual. My '05 tC owner’s manual has the procedure to reinitialize.

As I said in post#3, the manual is missing.

Oh. I think of a service manual as being different from the owner’s manual. Semantics difference.