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04 Nissan Quest P0447

Thought I would post an update. I got no where with Nissan. After some online searching, I located a shop in Illinois that says they do ECU/ECM repairs. I called with some questions and mailed the ECM to them with a note on the issue. They called me 2 days later and indicated they were able to fix the problem. Due to the corrosion it created 4 open circuits on the board. They repaired the traces and it cost $200 for the repair vs over $1000 the dealer wanted and they are mailing it back to me. They are Electronics repair specialist specializing in automotive comptuers. When it arrives today or tomorrow, I will install it and let you know how it works.

Thanks for that follow-up. Those services are great when things can be repaired.

I ran the van for the past few days and everthing has set except for the O2, but no codes or issues. The van is running better. More pep in acceleration. The site for the repair is They do good fast work.

Sounds like you’re on home stretch!

My beloved car- a 1993 Nissan van (Quest) starts up just fine, runs just fine- goes wherever I want- but after I drive it, park it, shop for a while, start it up- it will die at slow speeds after that- like at the first stop sign. Like when I am coasting to the stop sign. It starts right back up again and I have no problem unless I am running around town doing errands- at slow speeds- then it might die again. It always starts right back up again. The mechanics put it on their scanner but the car is too old for computers to find the problem. What is causing my car to die when it’s hot?

If your mechanics can’t find the problem without an OBDII download, you need new mechanics.
My guess is that something in the ignition system is becoming heat saturated. When you shut the engine off, the temperature under the hood rises as the engine’s internal heat dissipates out the sides, and anything becoming heat sensitive will begin to falter. Unless I miss my guess, this vehicle has a single ignition coil. A simple scope and a heat gun can verify that possibility.

I should also ask… how long has it been since you’ve had a tuneup? Old sparkplugs can do funny things and old ignition wires & parts can react to heat saturation.