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04 kia rio


how do u change timing belt?

I use a set of tools, an impact wrench, and a repair manual? You?

Without meaning to offend the OP, if he/she has to ask this question, then I strongly suspect that this job is way beyond his/her skill level.

Bufalo1962–Please tell us what types of automotive repair work you have done in the past so that we can assess your possible skill level with a wrench.

thanks a lot u r so smart that really helps!

No one here can clearly or likely will describe all the specific steps.

However a good place to get a service/repair manual is for your vehicle. You may be able to fish on the internet for a service manual hosted as PDF files somewhere.

good luck

Go to your local libraries website and in their databases, you will find Chilton Library or Better yet Alldata. Follow the step by step instructions . Or after you read them call a local mechanic with a good reputation and get a price. Since you car has an interference engine, you will destroy it when you start it if the job isn’t done right.