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Run car without alternator hooked up?


I’m having some timing problems with regards to getting the belt on the right “tooth”. I’d like to temporarily run the car to test it,but having to re-attach the alt belt every time is a pain in the butt on this little car! Would I be able to start it to test the timing without hooking up the alternator? TIA

For a quick run to see if it works…shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah I’d just like to run the car for 30-60 seconds to see if my repair worked or not.

running the car briefly without the alternator belt shouldn’t damage anything.

I kinda question the running it to test if the timing belt is in the right spot. Seems to me that if this is an interference engine, and your timing is way off, you could do some engine damage.

can anyone concur or dispel my admittedly not for sure input?

If you install a timing belt that badly, then you have no business even attempting this.

Just follow the instructions carefully and it should be fine. When I replaced the timing belts on my Pathfinders the new belts came with white marks on them, and you aligned the marks on the belt with the marks on the gears. It was difficult to mess up. The trickiest part is setting the belt tension.

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The old belt broke 2 days ago,I have put the new belt on EXACTLY matching the timing marks on the camshaft and crankshaft to the marks on the block. Gonna pull the valve cover off tomorow and see if I can see anything out of the ordinary under there. Crossing my fingers nothing was damaged when the old belt broke,I was only traveling about 30 mph at the time.

This implies one camshaft, which should be non-interference.

IMO, your statements seem to contradict each other . . . you’ve either got it set up correctly, or you don’t.

I’ll give an opinion . . . correct me if I’m wrong

You got all your marks lined up correctly

Then you released the tensioner

Now your marks are off

Is that what happened?

After you think everything’s set up fine, and the belt tension is correct, you turn the engine over 2 complete revolutions by hand. If everything is indeed fine, then your marks are still correct. If not, you’ve got some work to do


Released the tensioner,turned it by hand,even ran it for a few seconds. It ran VERY rough,even coughed once.At that point I shut it down,not wanting to do further damage. I fear some of the valves were damaged when the T belt broke. Probably gonna to pull the head to inspect them.Something I am NOT looking forward to.

Sure sounds like you bent some valves. You don’t have to pull the head to find damage. Run a compression test. Bent valves will show up as a very low compression cylinder. Compression test gauges are cheaper than a head gasket. Why not find out now before you go to all that work.


HUH? What makes you think that? I’ve owned several vehicles with one cam-shaft that were Interference engine.

Should I wrap the belt around the camshaft sprocket and crankshaft sprocket ONLY, lightly clamp them down,then thread them onto the idler and tensioner? There is only 1 cam sprocket even though its a DOHC engine(an interference type). Theoretically since there is 105 teeth on the belt there should be 52 on the right side of the sprockets and 53 on the left. No?

HUH? I looked it up…try it sometime:


Just did a compression test (I forgot I owned a tester.LOL)

cyl 1 = 122 lbs
cyl 2 = 133 lbs
cyl 3 = 0 lbs
cyl 4 = 0 lbs

So I guess some valves got bent on cyls 3 and 4. Cyls 1 and 2 aren’t in the best of shape either. Guess I’ll be pulling the head to see what’s going on. BTW,its an Alpha II Hyundai engine,1.6,GDE, DOHC …which is an interference type. :cry:

A rebuilt head is in order for sure. Wishing you luck there are no holes in the piston tops.

If the piston tops are nicked up I strongly suggest you use a small file or Dremel tool and remove all sharp edges on the nicks. Round them off a bit.

If left alone those nicks can cause severe detonation on a running engine and possibly ruin it at some point.

At 160,000 miles there’s probably enough carbon build-up on the pistons to pad and protect them!.:grin:

Thanks for proving my point…

I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with a good April Fool’s joke today…


Good try though. Maybe you should switch to Bing for your searches.