04 Dodge Dakato 4X4 Transmisson

When I start the truck in cold weather, the transmission doesn’t want to shift out of 1st gear. Some time it take driving it a 1/8 of a mile before it shifts.

Any ideas what is wrong / need replaced ? I was told to shift it thru all the gears before I move it to help warm up the transmission fluid ? I’m thinking some sensor needs replace ???

Have you checked the transmission fluid level? Condition? Is there a check engine light on?


How many miles on the truck?

How many miles since the last trans service?

If in doubt, do a trans service

Any fault codes you know about?

I have a 2005 Dakota 4X4 with the 4.7 V8 and 5 speed automatic. I have the same issue intermittently when the engine is cold (not only in cold weather but also if the truck hasn’t been run since the previous day).

I asked the dealer about this and I was told that this was done by design and controlled by the computer. It is done (so I was told) to help the transmission fluid warm up more quickly.

Check with your dealer the next time you have your truck serviced.

It’s August? Hot? Did u just recall this issue shows up in December but u keep forgetting to ask about it in the summer?