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04 civiv SI that wobbles

got an 04 civic SI 2.0 v-tech.between 40 and 60 when accelerating there is a wobble that seems to be coming from the passenger side front wheel. it doesn’t happenwhen coasting and lessens as I approach 60 and diminishes to a slight vibration at and after 65.

tried changing…

all 4 tires

outer then in axles

all with no change at all.

mech says one of the motor mounts looks kinda worn but doesn’t think thats the problem.

i thought i’d get 200k without too much trouble. boy was I wrong. had to replace O2 sensor, computer and one fuel injector right around 120K.

very dicouraged and disappointed

Try swapping the front wheel with the rear wheel and see if the wobble moves with it. Post back.

did that
checked the wheels for true, tires for road force, balance even tried out 4.
nothing that we did at the wheels or at the axles (replacing both the inner and out) did anything. nothing. exactly the same

Are these the original wheels?

I think a good chassis shop needs to get underneath for a look-see.