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Vibration issue '02 Honda Civic EX

My Honda is having serious ‘bad vibes’ that the mechanic has not been able to fix. actually, i don’t think he has even driven my car, much less even tried to fix the problem. meanwhile, it’s driving me crazy. the mechanic just replaced the motor mounts. i got in the car and the problem is STILL there. the vibration is easy to see when the car is idling - the hood vibrates and the rear view mirror also shakes, i can feel the vibration in the driver seat and steering wheel. i can also feel the vibration in the passenger seat, though it is a little less noticeable. there is also a noise to go along with the vibration, especially when idling, it sounds as if i need a new muffler, but i can’t hear the sound outside of the car, only inside the car. do you need additional information to make a guess as to what the problem is? can you help?

Find another mechanic.

A Better Mechanic.

i never updated this discussion. the problem was the motor mounts. the new, smarter & better mechanic diagnosed the problem within seconds of sitting in the driver’s seat.

So, the original mechanic charged you for new motor mounts, but didn’t actually install them?

Can you explain, please?

oh, the ‘original’ mechanic only repaired ONE motor mount, that’s why there was still so much vibration even after he worked on it. apparently ALL of the motor mounts were broken. Now why in the world would original mechanic only fix one? Yet my dad continues to take his car ('72 Olds Cutlass Supreme 442) to this mechanic. I guess he’s OK to work on classic cars just not Honda’s?