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04 Civic ignition cylinder swapped,can't code keys

I’ll preface this by saying I am no mechanic…

My gf’s car has been out of commission due to her ignition cylinder locking up. We got a new one, I drilled the old one out and put the new one in. When I put the keys in it, it beeps at me. 4 quick beeps. There is a light around where you put the key in. It does light up.

I figured we just needed to get the keys coded. So we got a locksmith here to do so. But he says he’s getting no connection to the computer. The dash lights aren’t coming on. The interior lights are though, so I’m guessing the battery is ok. I’ve checked most the fuses (a couple of them are near impossible to get to) and all those I checked are good.

Anyone know what we can do? We’re already out 75 bucks for calling him out and I’d really like to not waste any more money by calling him out again. Thanks in advance

those aftermarket new keys are most likely not the encrypted key ( chip key )
how little did you spend on the new one ?
My search in Auto Zone and O’Reilley shows a $370.00 ignition lock and switch assembly that DOES have the chip keys.
Some lock cylinder assemblies require you to keep , and change over, the O.E ‘‘immobilizer’’ . . .the little black box that was bolted to the side of that assembly.
did you do that ?

Thanks for the reply. Good call on the immobilizer. I bolted it on and the engine will now try to turn over, but won’t start. I’m guessing all I need now is to get the keys coded? Or does the fact that it’s trying to turn over mean the keys should already be coded to the ignition?

NOW, . . those new keys need to be programmed

That explains why the locksmith couldn’t communicate with the immobilizer module, you didn’t install it.

Try holding the head of an old programmed key next to the new key when starting the car, the immobilizer will pick up the signal from the old key. If it starts you will be able to drive the car to someone who can program you new keys.