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04 bad vibration

04 Ford supercrew 5.4 triton lariat pickup 104,000 miles. Had always used 10w30 full synthetic oil developed knock. brought to ford authorized shop. diagnosed non ford oilfilter pieces clogged something. remedy after calling ford engineers -replace both cam phazers, cam shaft, 24 valve rockers, 24 adjuster assemnbly,gaskets. vehicle repaired - took for a test drive on hiway. as soon as speed hit 40 mph engine proceeded to have numerous shut downs and restarts while driving and boom boom noisies! drove maybe half mile. drove back to shop. mechanic said he probably damaqged engine by power washing engine after repairs. replaced one coil and one plug. here is the problem finally---- engine vibrates at all stops and park mechanic says after computor evalueation the engine is down 100 revs at idle and he has done all he can . he said he even loosed motor mounts and refastened. help me please. vibrating away