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04 Accord Power Loss at Turns

When I make a left turn while accelerating slightly, nothing seems to happen and when I straighten the steering wheel, the car seems to surge forward with a jerk as if the extra power was stored somewhere and is now released.
I get the feeling that turning the steering wheel, especially left, chokes the vehicle almost stopping it.

Has anyone had this experience also?
Any insight will be highly appreciated.

You likely have either a power steering pump that’s excessively loading the crank down or you have an engine without enough poop at slow speeds to operate the pump.

How many miles does the car have on it?
When was the last time it had a good tuneup?
Is it using any oil?
Has it been maintained per the operator’s manual?
Have you checked the power steering fluid level?
Are there any other symptoms? Any squealing?

Using any oil? Yes, I think…
Symptoms…when the wheel is fully turned one way or the other, there is a little tense sound.
Thanks for your reply and interest.

You may have a bad power steering pump. You may want to get the car checked out.