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03 trail blazer tight steering not sure what is causing this

Having trouble turning my wheel both ways on my trail blazer. Just replaced wheel bearings on truck not sure what would causeing this. Also tries r wearing down

Check the power steering fluid level, it may be dry. Check the accessories belt, as it may be slipping. Do you have any squealing coming from under the hood?

Don’t overlook the tire pressure. One low tire can make it difficult.

Did this problem start immediately after the wheel bearing replacement or was there a delay of several days or weeks?

You state the tires are wearing down. How? Wear on the inner or outer edges, or what?

Steering has be tight for a while. Fluid was filled all before wheel bearing change. Looked last night. Flujid was dry. Put some in til fill line. Then drove a block made a turn and it was dry again. Didn’t see a wet spot under truck yet. So I’m thinking its the pump?

Tire wear is on outter edge.

If your tires are wearing, then you need an alignment. I’m sure you know that, though.

If your pump is running dry after you drive only a block, you have a pretty good leak.

If it’s not showing on the ground yet, climb under the car, and squeeze the boots on either end of the steering rack. If fluid comes from there, or it they feel like they may be full of fluid, then the steering rack is failing. Turning it fully one way of the other may (not positively) push some fluid past the boot, and show you which side is leaking.

Since you filled it, and the steering worked for a very short time, the pump may be OK. If you drive with it like that, it won’t be for long, though.

Most likely the rack needs replacing. Not sure what this entails on this vehicle.


K thanks for that info. Will look under and check it out. Will get back to u. Thanks again