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Sticky steering

Hi all, thank you in advance for your help.

I have a 2008 GMC Canyon with 50000 miles, new tires, recent alignment, and tracks perfect. Before my recent tire change and alignment my front wore the inside of the tires. It also had slow or sticky steering where after turning the wheel and letting go at speed the wheel does not recenter. It just stays were I put it, great for going around curves hands free but a pain in the butt on every other occasion. I thought that the stick was due to the tire wear and fully expected to be corrected by an alignment. It was not and sticks just like before. Newish with lowish milage, it’s hard to think that it’s front end components but…

Any ideas?

Have a mechanic check your steering rack.

I’d suspect the caster is set straight up. With the truck parked, turn the steering wheel to one side, lets for example say to the left. The top of the drivers side tire should tilt outward, the passenger side tire should tilt in. If the tires do not tilt, have the caster checked.

BTW, is the steering hard, even at speed? Both for steering and returning?