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'03 Pathfinder exhaust Recall?

My girlfriend has an '03 Pathfinder that had what seemed to be a small crack somewhere near the manifold. No biggie just a little louder than usual.

Well we ended up having to replace the engine due to an unrelated problem and I’m thinking “great we get a new manifold in the switch” but the used engine’s mani had the same, though slightly quieter, flaw. The mechanic said that it was a common problem in Pathfinders and I’m inclined to believe him (he’s always been on point thus far).

If that’s so, where can I find out if a service bulletin and/or recall exists on this vehicle?

Thanks again,


There were only lighting recalls during 2003 for the Pathfinder.

What about after '03?

There were 3 electrical recalls in 2004. Check it out here for any year Pathfinder you like: