2000 Pathfinder

Ihave a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder with 147K miles. RecentlyIamhearing a severe rattleingnoise when I idle, let us say at a stop sign. The rattle doesnot occur whenIamdriveing or in park. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Look for a loose heat shield along the exhaust system.


thank you.

Will I have to put it up on a lift to see? Is there anything else it could be?

Where on the car does the noise seem to be coming from?

It would be easier on a lift. When I was 16 years old I would not have bothered with a lift, but today … :slight_smile:

Chances are that it will turn out to be a loose or broken heat shield. Often they can be fixed or safely removed for little or thing. You can try reaching under and shacking things on the exhaust yourself (only do with with a cool engine).

You can also use a short length of garden hose as a stethoscope and that may help pinpoint the problem.

Thanks - I will guve it a go.