96 dodge neon leaking coolant

Hi! I’m new to this site, but I’m desperate to find out why my 96 dodge neon is leaking coolant. I was checking my oil and I noticed the reservoir tank was half empty, so I assumed it was nothing out of the ordinary since it’s a 17 year old car. When I filled it though, it came pouring out of the tube that sits right under the tank. I’m capping it off every day before I drive and it holds, but it’s definitely got a slow leak. It seems to only hold it for 4 days of driving for an hour. My temperature gauge stays at the normal level, but you can smell the antifreeze burning and the engine’s running hot. I’m not too mechanically inclined, but what could be wrong with it? If it helps too, I’ve recently installed a new alternator and clutch cable and found out my valve cover gasket is leaking. I really want to save this car instead of getting a new one. Thanks!

OK, so you have a crack in one of the hoses or in the plastic reservoir itself. Replace these parts. If you really want to save this car you will take care of this situation right away.

Thanks so much! I figured out what it was. There is a crack in the heater hose and my radiator cap needs to be replaced. I’m so relieved it’s just a minor fix. I really love that car.