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03 Ford Explorer gets no gas after motor change

I have an 03 Explorer, It has the 4.0, automatic 4x4. I has to change out the motor because of a blown head gasket. What started all all this was stalling and rough idle, when driving it ran fine, but when i came to a stop it would run rough and the idle would bottom out. it would sometime stall and others it would go back to a rough idle. i put a code reader on it and it was throwing sevens codes. i researched each code and replaced what parts it called for, and still had the same issues. i took it to a garage and told them what was going on, and left it with them.they called me and told me the it had a compression leak on the pass side of the motor. They said compression was going from one piston to another, blown head gasket. I asked them how much they would charge to change the head gasket and they told me they would not touch it that i would be better of changing the motor. After researching the timing setup on these motors and what it costs to do I did what the garage said and changed the motor. At the time i pulled the motor i drove in into my garage, was getting gas and spark the whole nine. I got the motor changed and went to start and it would not start. first the battery which was fully charge when i took it out was dead and would not take a charge. I bought a new battery and it still would not start, i check for spark and it has spark, disconnected the fuel line an put it in a coffee can turned on the key a few time and am getting no gas from the tine. it will start for a few second using starter fluid thought. i am at a loose as to why it now will not get gas, when I pulled the motor it was getting fuel. Anyone have any ideas of may be the issue, hope I posted enough imfo on my situation. thanks for reading.

I don’t think the line in a coffee can will work since the fuel pump is back in the tank.
Double, triple check all your fuel lines. Next (or maybe first) thing to look at is the roll over safety switch for the fuel; on passenger side kick panel in the cab. Next you may need to start tracing voltage back to the tank.

I done the fuel line in a can before, it was on a different make and model but it did work. I did check the roll over switch, I pushed it down and heard no clicks or any thing so I figured that was good. One thing I did not mention was on the dash panel you have all the lights for everything when I turn on the key the gageS seem to jump and there is a light that comes on that says theft, I was wondering with that flashing if it may have the fuel shUt down so it won’t start. Thanks for your reply.

Good hypothesis.

Oh, I was thinking backwards. I thought you were trying to pull gas FROM the can - my bad.
You are probably onto something if it is in ‘theft’ mode. I don’t have any clues for that. Still using the same key as before?

Yes I am, I am going to go to the dealer and see I can talk with one of the tecks about this

The fuel pump shut-off switch is
located in the passenger’s foot well,
by the kick panel.
Use the following procedure to reset
the fuel pump shut-off switch.

  1. Turn the ignition to the OFF
  2. Check the fuel system for leaks.
  3. If no fuel leak is apparent, reset
    the fuel pump shut-off switch by
    pushing in on the reset button.
  4. Turn the ignition to the ON
    position. Pause for a few seconds
    and return the key to the OFF
  5. Make a further check for leaks in
    the fuel system.

This is a fairly common occurrence

Thanks for the imfo will try what you said tomorrow.

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I have tried a few thing that folks have told me, and still getting no gas. I am going to go to the lacal ford dealer and talk with them and see if they can halp.

I can’t see the ( local ) Ford dealer trying to tell you what to do with your vehicle . They will charge for a diagnostic to look for the problem , which means you will have to tow it there. A good repair shop should be able to solve this for less money then the dealer.