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03 Avalanche throttle control module

Ive got an '03 Avalanche with a recurring problem. About 10 months ago I had to replace the throttle control module. Easy to replace but expensive. Now I got the code again and the same problems. Why is this module going bad? Is this common? Thanks.

Hopefully a '03 Avalanche owner will reply in soon. In the mean time, could you provide the code and describe the problem that necessitates(d) the module replacement?

Curious about drive by wire systems. I noticed on the schematic that the module reads the pedal postion sensors, throttle postion sensors, drives the throttle motor, accepts cruise control signels, and communicates with the PCM by a serial bus.

I think the code was P1518. I got a check engine light, and the little display said “REDUCED ENGINE POWER”. I believe this is a safety system to prevent Toyota-like wild acceleration. Safe but it sucks when youre far from home or help. I drove home (slowly), read the code and then deleted it. Runs fine now but am sure it will come back again just like last time. Seems like the module should last longer than 10 months or so.

Are you having any misfires or rough engine running? Sometimes EMI created by problems in the ignition system can cause the ETC to malfunction, as they seem to be sensitive to electrical noise. I have seen this on some Lincolns. I don’t know if it would really apply to your GM or not.

The truck ordinarily runs great. No problems at all until the module failure. Could the remote start have anything to do with it? It was installed after I bought it for the wife. Maybe some interference from that. Thanks for your insight.

The next time you pull a DTC P1518 see if you can grab the freeze frame data. That may steer you in the correct direction.

The P1518 DTC is described as “invalid or missing serial data messages are detected for a predetermined time” (more than 1 second). There is a 29 step trouble shooting tree to narrow down the cause of the code activation. Check out AllData for the information.

Thanks. I will look it up.