03 Alero hard start

I have an Olds Alero (03) with 117K miles. It is starting hard especially when it is hot outside. The engine turns but won’t start- when I turn the key I can tell by what indicator lights light up first on the dash. If it is going to start the check engine soon light comes on first the car starts right up and all the lights come on. If it is not going to start I turn the key and the oil light and battery light only come on and the engine cranks but does not start. Also I’ve had the fuel pump replaced (TWICE) in the past three months and the fuel pressure regulator replaced a few weeks ago. Please help!

The check engine light should come on for a few seconds, as a bulb check, when you first turn on the ignition. If you turn on the ignition, to Run, and the check engine light doesn’t come on, you need to see a good shop/mechanic.