02century module disconnect?

Hi guys. Can I just pull a fuse or somehow disconnect the TCS/ABS control module? The car isn’t worth the money to replace it or track down the intermittent problem with it.

We could do w/o the ABS/TCS functions ok, but the ABS comes on occasionally and vibrates the pedal and annoys the wife- alot!

Tanks, Bob

Yes, it can be disabled. But I doubt any professional or anyone here on this forum is going to tell you how to disable a safety device on your car. I wouldn’t tell you how to disable your airbags or seat belts either.

TY, and I do understand that concern. I am, of course concerned for safety but we drive very little and just in town.

:):slight_smile: If I want to Repair the ABS harness and wanted to temporarily disable the ABS, for Safety reasons, would I then remove the 60AMP fuse in the underhood fuse block??

No. That fuse supplies power to the ABS control module. The ABS control module also controls the electronic power steering assist. So removing that fuse may cause the lack of power steering assist.


TY, which fuse or relay would I then disable for just the ABS? Do I also need to disconnect the battery to make harness repairs?