99 beetle 2.0 abs control module motor stays running

abs control module stays running even when car is off… drains battery… any help would be appreciated…thanks merry xmas and happy new year!!

Just a guess.
Check the gang plug where the harness plugs to the module.
This sort of issue sounds like moisture or foreign matter within the gang plug is causing connection between circuits that would otherwise be separate.
Usually the dielectric grease there will keep out the intruders, but on a car this age I would start there.

Clean, dry, and reapply dielectric compound.

thanks so much for the quick response, i will certainly check out the plugs.
also the brake light and abs light stay on… first the abs then even before i use the brakes the brake light comes on… is there anyway to get these lights off. we are still driving the car and annoyed by the lights…
thanks again kevin

When you say the “brake light comes on”–what brake light do you mean? The ABS warning light? The brake warning light? If your parking brake isn’t on and your brake warning light on the dash is lighting up, you need to have the car checked out immediately—it’s trying to tell you that there’s something wrong with your braking system and you may have significantly reduced stopping power.

the brakes seem to be working fine, but yes both lights are on the instrument cluster.
I have had major problems with this car. I had bought it from a guy who put it in the ditch. the list goes on and on of the things i had to fix. I was thinking of replacing the abs control module but i just dont have anymore money.