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Can i safely disable my ABS

95 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Id like to disable the ABS. How would i do it?

Yes you can disable ABS. Yor brakes will function as non ABS then. In the power distribution center under the hood you will find a 30 amp fuse for ABS. There’s also an ABS power relay you could remove as well, if you have the 4 liter.

Yes 4 liter. Should fuse and relay be removed or does it matter. Great news…i really dont like absbs

You may change your mind if this winter gets as cold as it is supposed to get. One slick patch of black ice may make you regret this decision.

Also, when you pull the fuses, the ABS light on the dash will light up. The only fix will be to pull the dash and remove that bulb.

That’s funny. absbs. I’d remove them both. A couple reasons would be if just the fuse were pulled, someone else might think the fuse is missing and just replace it. But if both were gone, it would be more of a clue.

Ive been driving on ice for over a month and another 2-3 month to go. I just dont like the jeep deciding how my brake is going to work. Thanks for the input. Fairbanks Alaska. 40 below this morning

Great. Thanks

I have been driving on snow and ice for about 40 years.  Yea, I have hit a fire plug, the curb and once another car.  That last one was when I was # 17 in a 17 vehicle chain reaction on I 70.  Two people died because they could not control their vehicle.   I lost two teeth, my only auto injury so far.  I have driven with and without ABS.  I have been able to avoid a number of accidents including doing 360?.  I recommend you keep the ABS.  Check out test results (Consumer Reports comes to mind).  

Don't avoid a tool that can help you prevent an accident just because you want to be he-man and think you you can do better than the computer. 

Also consider what an accident investigator would do if they found you had disabled the safety device that might have prevented an accident.  Think about the possibility of explaining that to a judge if you kill someone's child.

I understand where your coming from. But i can feel when i break traction and know to let off the brake. Normally it doesnt even get to a break traction situation. I really do feel like ASB was developed as a feature for those with lesser driving skills. No offense intended…

“But i can feel when i break traction and know to let off the brake.”

Machines can perform the ABS function better than humans can. If you are in a panic stopping situation, you cannot do a better job than the Jeep’s ABS system. You may think you can, but I believe that you are fooling yourself. No offense meant by me either. I think that safety issues deserve frank discussions.

Frankly i believe your wrong. I want full control of my braking.

Houston, we’ve had a problem… I will be all for computerized ABS brakes when there is an absolute over ride to manual available at my finger tips. Until them I over ride them before I drive a car so equipped. Anti-skids were a total failure 40 years ago. They seemed to have caused many more accidents than they prevented. Current technology is certainly a vast improvement but like a cruise control that you can’t quickly disable ABS can be more problem than solution. If and when anyone finds themselves making an emergency stop and feels the pedal ratcheting down with little braking action their opinion on the systems will take a hard hit to the negative.

Frankly i believe your wrong. I want full control of my braking.

You can believe all you want…that doesn’t mean you’re right.

ABS and traction control will help the most experienced driver.

I drive a 1989 Honda Accord which never came equipped with ABS. I have driven through 5 MN winters and have managed to avoid any and all accidents. It’s quite difficult and as such I will not allow anyone other than myself to drive the car in the winter, and even though I have the ability to drive a non-abs car in the winter, I still prefer the assistance ABS gives. When driving ABS-equipped cars I can combine my winter driving skills with the ABS assistance and haven’t even come close to an accident.

There is just no way to control your vehicle as well in certain situations without ABS, no matter how good you are.

Your saying i cant pump the brake like abs does?

Its all about the driver

The ABS can pump the brakes a hundred times a second, and can do it to individual wheels in order to allow you to maintain steering control and prevent your vehicle from fishtailing. No human can perform either of those feats. Accident avoidance is possible with either ABS or non-ABS cars and trucks, but it is easier in a vehicle with ABS in snowy and icy conditions. ABS will sometimes result in slightly longer braking distances, but at least you can still steer the car. That is the intent of it, to prevent loss of control due to wheel lockup. Steer tires that begin to plow in snow and ice have a tendency to continue to plow. ABS prevents the plowing from happening in the first place, allowing you to steer.

100 times a second? I can almost guarantee you that even if it does pupm it 100 time a second that is not being transferred to the ground. I can feel what my brakes do and it not 1oo per second. I got an idea…if you should happen to misjudge and press the brake too hard just let off the brake. Ive been driving on ice for 35 years. your not going to convince me i need abs

I dont drive like most of the rest of the world. I dont follow close… i dont let anybody follow me close and i always watch out for the other guy

It’s easy to develop such an attitude towards new technology, although ABS has been around for 30 years or so, but try this some time. Have someone at the wheel of an ABS equipped vehicle drive past you at 20-30 mph and slam on the brakes and stand on them. Watch the wheels. It’s really fascinating to watch them keep turning, never locking up for more than a fraction of a second, while allowing the driver to steer the vehicle because the steer tires keep rolling, therefore keeping traction instead of piling up a “wheel chock” of snow in front of them. This demonstration helped make a believer out of me.

In the grand scheme of things, though, it’s your vehicle and your life. It has been proven time and again that ABS can make a huge positive difference, even to a professional driver, in low traction situations. Just keep in mind, though, that if you do end up in an accident, whether you are at fault or not, and it gets investigated, and they find out you intentionally disabled the ABS, you could end up facing criminal charges, especially if someone gets hurt or killed.