02 toyota camry

In Aug 07 I drove my 02 Camry headfirst into a culvert ditch leaving the rear wheels up in the air. The car was pulled out with the help of an Expedition and a wench. The car was taken to the Toyota dealer the next day to inspect it for damage and no problems were found. A couple of weeks later, I noticed a noise behind the steering wheel(when accelerating)that sounded like marbles rolling around in a box. The noise is now much louder and happens even when stopped at a light. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

Take back to dealer an have then drive it. to tell you what is damaged. Check your comp deductible on insurance to determine if making a claim to pay for repairs. Note your insurance company will likly penilize you for making a claim for a n accident. So unless repairs are very costly i would advise not making a claim to keep your insurance costs down. Sorry i cannt tell ya what the marble sound is but it may be serious . also consider having the allignment checked too.

Can’t resist: was the wench driving the Expedition or did she just happen to come along?