2000 Toyota Camry, whirring sound when driving through puddle

whenever it rains and I drive through a deeper puddle, the car makes a deep whirring sound when stepping on the gas, and acceleration is slow or doesn’t respond for a little while, then it goes away and everything is back to normal.

The feeling I’m getting, is that some of the belts get wet and slip, as soon as they’re dry enough they grip, and everything is back to normal.

I’m also supecting that the engine splash guards are missing, but I can’t say for sure since I bought the car second hand in this condition.

Anybody have similar experience? Any thoughts, comments or help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

look under the car and see if the belts are exposed. You can get new splash guards at a junkyard.

I had a mechanic check out the car, and he said that everything looks like it should, all the splash guards are in place.

The problem still persists, just a couple of days ago I drove through an extremely huge puddle, and the sound was really bad. The gear lever even started rattling and vibrating. It stopped after a minute or so, I guess after whatever got doused dried off a little.

Open to any suggestions.

sounds a lot like a crack in the exhaust pipe down around the catalytic converter to me.