02 Sl single over head cam

My 02 Saturn will start up then shut off … will run if ether is injected…seems to have gas going in fuel pump seems to work. replaced MAP sensor no change. was wondering if any one might know what the problem might be.

The MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor signal may not be getting to the engine computer. You could tell with the use of a digital multimeter taking voltage and resistance readings on the MAP sensor circuits. If the engine does run with ether being sprayed into the intake, I would say that fuel isn’t getting into the engine. Get 'noid test lights from the auto parts store. Disconnect the wire connector from a fuel injector and install the 'noid test light into the connector. Crank the engine and watch for the 'noid to flash. If there are no flashes, the engine computer isn’t ordering the fuel injector to spray. Now, it’s time to use the repair manual to test the fuel system. A 2002 model car has enough use to need a fuel filter change (IF changeable).

Cool. Thank you very much for your time and effort!