Map sensor

my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero mysteriously wouldn’t start after filling up the tank. No clicking no turnover nothing. No electricity. The shop ran a diagnostic and found only that it needs a new MAP sensor. Would this part really prevent it from starting?

No. The MAP sensor is used by the ECM to determine the proper fuel mixture for the engine. It is an important part of the fuel mix algorithm, but has NOTHING to do with the starting problem you describe. I suggest you have the battery terminals cleaned, and the charging/starting system tested.


This post doesn’t make sense without more information. The shop would need to use diagnostic equipment (OBD gear) to diagnose the MAP issue. This would require that the engine would be running. Did they get the car to start? You couldn’t decode any error on the CEL without at least the instrument panel to “light up” when you turn on the key.


I need to get more information. It didn’t make sense to me. It’s actually my girlfriend’s car and I was sitting next to her when she was talking to the shop on the phone, but after I researched the MAP sensor it didn’t seem like it would have anything to do with starting the engine.