02 sensor heater circuit on 1989 ford taurus

Check engine light on, my OBC shows bank2 sensor2 circuit malfunction, is this located before or after the converter not sure were to look. thanks Bob Steen

Bank 2 is the opposite side of Bank 1 which is related to number 1 cylinder. Sensor 1 for each bank is before the CAT and sensor 2 for each side is after the CAT.

There has recently been a couple of posts on this site pertaining to Ford heater circuit problems. The problem has been with the ECU or PCM module. One poster found a replacement unit at a salvage yard for $25 dollars and fixed the trouble. You can do a search for the thread “Sordid Tale”. Grab some coffee and be ready to sit for awhile.

Post the exact code; then, we can tell you (hopefully) what you can do.