F150 02 sensor

The “service engine soon” light is on. Need help.
I got code 0141 on the code reader. The repair manual for my F150 is stating that the code is for bank 1 sensor 2.
I want to check the sensor, but I don’t know the location of bank 1 sensor 2. I would like your advice as to the location of the sensor, and what should I check for?
Thank you!

O2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 is the sensor after the catalytic converter on the side of the engine for cylinder 1.

Usually when you get heater circuit code for an O2 sensor, the sensor is replaced.


Cylinder 1 is on the right (passenger) side.

To check the heater portion of the o2 sensor, you must disconnect it from the wiring harness. Usually, the connector has 4 pins. 2 are for the sensor signal and 2 are for the heater. You need to find out which 2 pins are for the heater and measure the resistance with an ohmmeter. Typical values are 5 to 20 ohms. If you are not equipped to do this, I would just visually check the wiring harness for damage and see if you have any blown fuses. Some manufacturers have a fuse in the fuse box just for the o2 heater circuit. If you don’t find anything wrong just replace the sensor.


No offense intended to anybody, but I wouldn’t bother measuring resistance, if the code is for the oxygen sensor heater circuit

Get your multimeter and backprobe adapters. If the heater circuit is getting battery voltage when turning on the ignition, go ahead and replace the sensor

If you’re not getting power to the heater circuit, then check wiring and fuses

But I strongly suspect you’ll find power going to the heater circuit

And I also strongly suspect that the sensor heater is dead, and you just need a new sensor


Unless an F150 has a transverse mounted engine . . .

@db4690 Your right, pic wrong. Marked as 05 F150

Replace both (if it has 2) rear sensors, reset the light and drive on. How many miles on his vehicle?

Thanks everyone. I have 94,000 miles on the F150.
I will replace both tomorrow.