02 ranger, again!

so a while back i changed my rotors and bearings. Recently i noticed a moan coming from the left front, around 40 its loudest, before that its noticable and continues to get louder. Today, I noticed that when going abut 30 or more, and I turn right, putting weight on the left front, it gets really loud, just a deep moan or growl sound. I pulled the wheel apart again, regreased the bearings and now its quieter, but when I turn right it gets louder still. There was a little bit of play in the bearings but they didnt seem worn at all. Are the bearings what is making the sounds?? If not, what else could it possibly be?

It’s a bearing issue. I’d check where the bearing rides for scoring. If that looks good then just replace the bearings-they’re not expensive. Also make sure you follow the proper procedure for bearing packing if necessary, and then make sure you don’t overtighten the nut when you install them.

awsome news, thats an easy job. So where can i find the info for packing and torque. Last time I used 30 or 35 lbs of torque and just greased the hell out of it.

when you changed the bearings did you change the race’ too?

sounds like somethings not right.

additionally, since you mentioned it, the ‘little bit of play’ sounds like trouble to me.

it is possible you didn’t seat the races completely upon reassembly. the right turn noise indicates the likely hood of race/bearing damage.

sounds like you have to take it apart again and inspect. but hey, on a good note you shoudl be getting good at it now!!

haynes manual. for torque. packing a bearing is in there too. its really simple. just messy.

yeah, its been taken apart many times. the shaft does not look worn at all, but by race do you mean the ring that seats inside the rotar? If so, they are inplace, I checked them yesterday, but I will for sure check them again when I change the bearing…again! Thanks.

did you CHANGE the race when you did the bearing replacement? i understand they ARE there. are they new?

trying to keep it simple, packing the bearing involves putting a gob of grease in the palm of your hand and ‘slapping’ the bearing sideways, down onto the pile of grease. you pick which side you start from, inside or outside, it does’nt matter. you can tell when the grease is in the bearing because it oozes out of the near side of the bearings. you have to do this several times all the way around the bearing to get grease all the way through the bearings, inside the bearing ‘keeper’ (the ring of steel that holds all the bearings in place. sorry i forget the real name of it though!) you know when you have packed the bearing full of grease when grease is oozing out of the bearing from each and every roller in the bearing.

just slathering grease on the outside of the bearing isn’t good enough.


You torqued the wheel bearing to 35 ft lbs??? That is not the way to adjust wheel bearings. You tighten the nut until all the play is gone then back off the nut slightly and install the cotter pin.

Yeah, that is the problem I usually see with prematurely worn bearings. I usually grease everything until I don’t think anymore can be greased, then I add a little more. When he replaced the rotors a new set of races are already pre-pressed into them.

For the torque specs, if it is 2wd: 17-25 ft-lbs, then back half a turn, then 18-20 ft-lbs.

I don’t know the 4wd torque specs, but can look them up if need be.