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02 lincoln ls wont start

it is a v6… i do not believe this has anything to do with it… but when i turn the key the lights come on( all inside and out) radio work, everything electrical works but does not start… there is no noise from the starter at all… i took a tip and jump started it… started up and ran fine heat worked…no problems, but every once in a while it will do this…my wife drives it an hour away and back everyday… im not home during the week to jump it when this happens what could it be???

Try this: The next time the car doesn’t start…shift to neutral and see if it starts right up. If it does then you need a new neutral safety switch.

This will only work if you have a strong battery. You might want to tighten all battery connections and have your battery load tested. Lights and radio will work even if a battery is too low to operate the starter.

ok cool thanks

Corrosion hides.
Clean battery posts and starter cable connections even if they ‘‘LOOK’’ clean.
Clean by dis-assembling / cleaning / re-assembling.

This is common when these areas ( hood or trunk ) are kept surface clean on a regular basis, the corrosion will not be obvious yet will exist down in between the terminal and the cable end, right where they touch.