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02 Jetta acceleration issue

The last 1-2 years I have been noticing some difficulties with acceleration on my Jetta. Changing gears, etc is no problem, but when accelerating (either in modest or high speeds) it seemingly jumps gears and instead there is a big drop in acceleration in between gear shifts. (this is an automatic)

I’d love to hear feedback on this. I’ve taken it into a VW dealership, but they say nothing is wrong.


Is your car under any warranty? You might wish to take it to a good (locate one on this site via entering your zip code) independent mechanic and ask them to check the transmission. Make sure he drives the car (preferably with you in it) so that he recreates the symptom for himself.

I did take it in while it was still under warranty but they said they didn’t find anything. It only seems to happen betwen 20-40 mph and usually when there is a need for abrupt acceleration, rather than a progressive increase (like from a stoplight for example).