2013 Jetta Acceleration Lag

My wife and I recently purchased a 2013 Jetta and have noticed some abnormal lag when accelerating. It’s an automatic transmission and the gear shifts aren’t as smooth as they should be. I have read that it is possibly related to the drive by wire system and may just be an inherent result of that system. Does anyone have an ideas of a fix or just thought? Thanks!

Is this a regular engine or a Turbo/Diesel? Also, do you have the DCT (dual clutch transmission), it is a special automatic and shifts like a standard transmission and takes some getting used to. Either way, your car should be under warranty, so take it in and also try and drive another 2013 or 2014 and see if they do the same thing.

I guessing you have the DCT, some reviewers had that kind of problem in their tests.

It’s a 2.5 se, not sure if it has DCT. Taking it to the shop tomorrow.

Hopefully under warranty.

Check the transmission fluid? Probably new car that you cannot even check it.