02 Hyundai Santa Fe rotors, replace both, or 1

I have an 02 Hyundai Santa Fe, and the right rear wheel squeals, going around turns, and sometimes during normal driving. The squeal stops when I apply the brakes.

I’ve had the wheel, bearings, and brakes checked 3 times and everybody says the wheel is fine. The only reason they can give me for the squeal is that the rust on the non-braking portion of the rotor is rubbing against the pad, but it is not a safety concern. They recommended resurfacing the rotor.

I’m going to need all 4 sets of brake pads replaced, and I figure I’ll just replace the rotor. But since it’s a 4WD that we tow with should I have both rear rotors replaced, or just the 1?

Actually - if you’re due for pads (which you apparently are) on all 4 wheels I would consider replacing all 4 rotors. Especially given the towing.

You might say “ah baloney” or some mechanic might. And that is fine, but I’d put some $$ on you replacing the rotors anyway within about 10K of the new pads - esp. if you do some towing in between.

I agree that changing all 4 rotors makes sense. If you don’t then you will just spend even more money when the others are replaced.

Brake parts are always replaced in pairs.

Both rotors. Don’t even measure them. If you live where it rains in Summer and snows in Winter, they are definitely asking to be replaced.