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02 Envoy back hatch want lock

I never able to be able to lock the back of my Envoy. It want lock thebkey fob want work either my check engine light stays on back windshield wiper not work no AC just bought used

Could you explain that a little better? What exactly won’t (want) work

Does the remote work the other locks in the truck? If so, the motor that locks and unlocks the back,or wires to the motor, or the latch itself is broken. is likely broken.

Can you lock the back by sticking the key in the lock and turning it? If you can, the lock motor, or wires to the motor, is likely broken.

Check for a broken wire between the liftgate and body. Had to splice a wire in on my TB and it is not an uncommon problem as I found out.

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Maybe you meant to write:
I never seem to be able to lock the back of my Envoy. It won’t lock with the key. The fob won’t work either.

If so, you will need to take the door panel off and investigate. It could be very simple; a missing C or E clip which allowed a linkage to fall out, a bent linkage, or something binding not allowing full travel of the associated parts.

Lock the car with the FOB and try to open the hatch. Does it open?
On my car, I cannot lock the hatch separate from the doors. Perhaps yours is the same way.